Clawfoot Tubs and What You Should Know

Many people don’t see the need for caring about whether they should buy a new bathtub or not. People are more concerned about the dining room’s table even though it’s under a table cloth half of the time. For me what’s really interesting is how much people will spend aesthetically on rooms such as the living room or bathroom, and yet when it comes to the bathtub, the place people bathe, relax and clean themselves they’ll stick to a boring white, acrylic bathtub and not even think about getting in anything more interested and classy.

A clawfoot tub is this very classy thing because it’s very traditional and has a much more regal look as opposed to the regular squat bathtubs. The name of this bathtub comes from its four ‘claw’ legs which are similar to that of a chair or table where each corner has a leg reaching the floor. For this type of tub the lower end touching the floor is usually curled up into a claw to give it a greater aesthetic appeal.

A clawfoot tub means that instead of hiding your bathroom when you have a dinner party you’ll be showing it off. Plenty of people have large plasma screen television but far fewer have the taste to improve their bathroom too. Instead of going for the boring post modern look, a Victorian style tub which admittedly will cost several thousand dollars (at least) will do a far better job than bringing a stainless steel shower disaster zone!