10 Outside Areas to Clean When Preparing Your House For Sale

1. Roof

The roof is the first thing people will see as they drive or walk up to your property, so make sure it’s clean! Remove any debris that has managed to get up there, and ensure that mould, stains and dirt are cleaned off. Getting up on the roof with a good pressure cleaner will make it look newer and prolong its life.

2. Gutters

Your gutters can fill up with leaves, branches and mud over time. Having this rubbish stick out from the gutter and be seen from the ground will look unsightly. Not only that, but it prevents the gutter from doing its proper job – moving water away from your home. Completely remove debris from the gutters and then wash the gutters down with a hose. At the same time ensure your downpipes are clear. Dirty gutters may indicate to a buyer that the house has not really been looked after and only surface cleaned.

3. Garden

Remove all the weeds, fallen branches, twigs and other miscellaneous items from your gardens. Trim back overgrown plants and let some light beam down to the garden bed. This will leave your garden looking clean, tidy and spacious. Having a clean garden will leave the impression that it is easily maintained.

4. Driveway

Make sure the driveway is swept clean of loose dirt and any oil spills are scrubbed away. Often times the dirt on driveways is superficial so arranging for it to be pressure cleaned can bring it back to a new condition.

5. Lawn

Keep the lawn mown and all the lawn edges trimmed along pathways and garden beds. Having a neat lawn reflects the state of the home and will bring the yard to life.

6. External Walls

Start by brushing off the cobwebs that have gathered around the house – check the eaves, windows, pillars and around outside lights. Next clean down all the external walls. Any water that has run down the wall may have left stains or mould growth. Depending on the type of material used on your outside wall a pressure cleaner can be used here as well.

7. Outdoor Furniture

Clean down and arrange your outdoor furniture, make it look presentable and if you have a BBQ make sure grease has been cleaned off from the grease trap, the grill and the surrounding area where grease may have spattered.

8. Pool

If you have a pool make sure any debris floating on the surface or sunk to the bottom is taken out. Bring the water up to its correct level and treat the water to keep it looking that beautiful blue colour – last thing you want is for the pool to suddenly turn green on the day you have potential buyers coming through.

9. Ponds and Water Features

If you have any water features, ensure they are in good working order and that any algae or overgrowth has been cleaned out. Dead plants and especially dead fish should be removed.

10. Windows

Arrange for all your windows, fly screens and window frames to be cleaned. By using a detergent that cuts through grease (like dish washing detergent) you can make sure oily marks left by hands or pets are completely removed. Fly’s and insect are known to leave their droppings on surfaces around windows too, but with a bit of water and a clean rag you can remove these dropping and leave the surfaces looking clean again.