Tips on How to Buy the Right Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Buying vacuum cleaners is a challenge not all of us are willing to undertake. With so many choices in the market and with so many bad reviews about certain brands, most of us are scared of choosing the wrong one.

But if you exercise a bit of vigilance, you can find the best one for your cleaning needs. Let me tell you some useful tips on how to find the right vacuum cleaner for your needs:

1. Before going to the store, you should already know what exactly you are looking for. Look around your house and determine the cleaning tool that you need. If you have different floor and carpeted surfaces, you have to look for machines that offer you various attachments. List down your preferences on a piece of paper.

2. Choose between the bagged and the bagless cleaners. Bagged cleaners are considered more ideal for people who want a cleaner way of disposing collected dust. The collected dust is encased in the bag. You can remove the bag and dispose it. However, you might have to constantly go to the store to get your supply of cleaning bags. In bagless cleaners, you no longer have to do this. Just remove the plastic container and dump the collected debris in your trash. Also, these cleaners have HEPA filters or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters that can trap micro particles of dust. This prevents allergic reactions.

3. Do not be immediately impressed about the attachment and the features of the cleaning machine. If the machine has more attachments and has a better suction system, it is more expensive. Before buying, find out first if you really need a machine with a high-level suction system. You don’t really need this if you are doing simple cleaning and maintenance at home. This is an energy hog and you might consume a lot of energy in using it. Just settle for those machines with mid-level suction system. For attachments, find out first if you can really use the attachments. Also try the attachments on. Find out they can be attached tightly and easily. The air passage should be sealed tight.

4. Also determine the flexibility of its height. It is better to buy a machine that can be adjusted. This way, you can clean floors comfortably and you can reach high places easily.

5. Know more about the warranty of the machine. Find out what is covered in the warranty. Also find out the cost of repairs and maintenance.