Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian cotton is famous not only in Egypt but also in many European and Asian countries. It is an extremely soft, smooth, and lush fabric as it originates from the cotton cultivated along the River Neil. Towels, beddings, and curtains made of Egyptian cotton are considered to be the premium quality fabrics because these towels contain long staples and higher thread counts. Towels made with this cotton are softer than normal towels because the velvetiness of the fabric can be felt right when the buyer touches the product for the very first time.

Towels manufactured with Egyptian cotton are one of the most popular choices of privileged class living anywhere in the world. Luxury rooms of five star hotels offer these towels in their bathrooms and spas as this is considered a luxurious and expensive fabric. The extra long staples make the towel more absorbent and less slicker so this towel is the finest way to finish a shower. In addition to its convenience in the shower, it better absorbs the dye patterns as compared with other towel fabrics and patterns made on Egyptian cotton remain vibrant and rich for longer periods of time. This quality of the fabric makes it the first choice of many luxury towel brands around the world.

Egyptian cotton towels are reasonably durable when you keep them with care. Heaviness of the towel fabric is thought to be the sign of its quality but Egyptian towels are not heavier than a normal cotton towel so don’t assume that these are poor quality towels. Since the fabric of the towel is super luxurious so it will always weigh less than a towel made with lower grade cotton.

These towels are available in many vibrant colors and you can pick the one that plays off of your toiletry walls. While choosing the color, also keep in mind whether you want the towel to fit in the color scheme or grab attention of the on-looker. Egyptian cotton towels also come in eye-catching prints and you can pick a cute print for your kids’ bathroom and a floral one for your own bathroom. The fabrication of these towels is also flawless as the space between the stitches allows air to pass easily hence making the towel dry quickly. When these finest cotton towels are used in summers, they absorb the heat naturally emitting from the body. Towels made with mixed blends contain little fiber balls and they usually irritate the body. The extra absorbent property of these towels makes them the most suitable choice for people living in warm climates as they need the stuff that has the ability to excessively absorb the moisture produced by their bodies.

Moreover, Egyptian cotton towels are manufactured with hand picked cotton that guarantees the highest standards of the fabric because it leaves no strains in the fibers. So cotton fibers are left straight and undamaged as opposed to machine picking. A these factors have turned Egyptian cotton to be the most competitive industries of the world as well as Egyptian cotton towels to be the most desirable bed and bath accessories.