How to design your own custom rugs?

Have you ever thought about creating your personal rug? Perhaps you would like to add cute bunnies to a nursery rugs. Perhaps you took a picture while in India of a beautiful pattern and wish it could have been brought back to you. Will make that dream come true! We create custom rugs, so you can add personal touches and control the design. Since oriental rugs are the most customizable, this blog will concentrate on them. However, custom logo rugs can still be made from our collection of Indian felt ball rugs. We will make sure that this is a fun and easy experience for you.

Innovative processes allow you to design your custom rug. Custom logo rug lets you design your own custom rug and even participate in the process of making it. This is becoming more common among Custom logo rug rug-lovers. To help you make your choice and design your rug, we have designed a clear process.

We have produced countless masterpieces custom rugs over the years. We are constantly amazed by the creativeness and enjoyment of rug buyers.

Let’s now discuss the making of oriental rugs. This will help to explain the amazing craftsmanship involved in making these exquisite rugs. It will help to decide if you want a tufted rug and woven rug.


Many people believe oriental rugs can be described as rugs made from rugs found in the Orient. This typically includes rugs from China (Nepal), India, Turkey and other parts the Middle East. They are also known Indian or Persian-style rugs because of their source. But, oriental rugs do not get their name from “where” but “how” they were made.

Oriental rugs have a special manufacturing process that makes them an heirloom rug that can be passed down to generations. They are exceptional in both design and quality. If you want to make a bold statement add an exotic touch and add a historic touch to your living space, they are the right choice.

Custom logo rug owners often receive compliments because they have one of our modern Asian rugs. Because they are contemporary and antique, they definitely make a difference. However, it is the intricate craftsmanship that Custom logo rug uses to create modern oriental rugs makes them unique.

Custom logo rug manufactures modern Oriental rug designs in India. These beautiful rugs feature intricate interwoven patterns with floral outlines. We use bamboo silk and high-quality wool. Our area rugs collection includes intricate designs and vibrant colors made of natural dyes. Our oriental rugs may be hand knotted or hand tufted.


Both oriental rugs may be hand knotted or hand-tufted but they are very different! The complex ways they are made make them different. It is because of this that the time it takes for a hand tufted and hand knotted rug to be made are different.

Our skilled team is proficient in hand-tying rugs using old techniques. These rugs require a lot of work and time to make. Custom logo rug weaver Custom logo rug place each piece on a specially designed weaving loom that allows them to work slowly. The raw wool is processed into yarn that’s vibrant and colorful.