Six Easy Ways To Save On Air Conditioning

No matter where they reside, most homeowners worry about home comfort costs. And they are right to do so! Heating and cooling your abode accounts for exactly 43 percent of your monthly utility bill, according to the Department of Energy. As the largest energy expense for most homes, folks are always on the lookout for tips that might help them save on air conditioning. Here are six of them that should do the trick.

1. Clean or replace your furnace filter. Dirty, clogged filters restrict airflow and force air cooling systems to work harder, i.e., use more energy — which invariably results in higher bills. It is recommended that you empty or replace them at least one a month during periods of heavy usage.

2. Get your fan on! Because they use a fraction of the energy air conditioners do, ceiling fans should be used in conjunction with the A/C. When coordinated correctly, they may allow you to turn down the setting on your cooling system, which will save you money.

3. Close blinds, shades, and drapes. To prevent heat transfer into your home from windows that face the sun, it is important to shield them from the outside. You can also plant leafy trees around windows that receive several hours of direct sunlight each day.

4. Cover your AC! Just as with windows, direct sunlight makes your outdoor air conditioner a lot hotter. Don’t believe us? Try touching its metal surface. On second thought, don’t! You may burn yourself. Excessive heat also makes it harder for your unit to operate efficiently. By providing some shade, either with shrubs or an outdoor canopy or umbrella, you could boost its efficiency by up to 10 percent.

5. Avoid the oven. More often than not, saving money on air conditioning costs just takes some common sense. In addition to using efficient cooling equipment, you would also, obviously, want to avoid using any appliance that might increase indoor heat. Baking in the oven or boiling things on the stove can easily raise the temperature in your kitchen by five degrees. As a result, it is always a good idea to give your oven a rest and use the microwave when the mercury rises.

6. Use your basement. Because heat rises and subterranean spaces often have fewer windows and entryways, the average basement is often several degrees cooler than the first or second floors. For homeowners who have access to this often comfortable space, they can use it a sort of sanctuary when the heat becomes oppressive.

These simple tips should help you save big bucks on air conditioning during the scorching summer months.