Family Sauna Kit – What to Know Before You Buy One

A family sauna provides such a great place for a family to bond and relax. It’s no wonder that more and more families are installing saunas in their home.

Buying the right sauna requires knowing a few things first…

First of all, do you want an infrared sauna or traditional sauna? If you’re not sure about the difference, this is something you want to find out before you buy a family sauna kit.

Here are some other important things you’ll need to know to make the right choice…

What Size Do You Need?

This one is pretty obvious… Before you buy a family sauna kit, you need to know how many people your sauna needs to be able to hold.

2 to 4 people? 10 or more? Of course, you’ll also have to know if the space you’re considering for your sauna will be big enough.

This leads us to…

Indoors or Outdoors?

If it’s indoors, you’ll need to know that the size of the sauna you want will fit the space you’re considering.

If you want your sauna outdoors, you can set it up in your front or back yard, patio, or poolside if you have a pool.

Before you consider outdoor placement, check your local building codes first. You may need to obtain a permit before you set up an outdoor sauna.

What Kind Of Kit?

This is something you’ll want to give some thought to…

There are pre-cut sauna kits and there are modular sauna kits.

So what’s the difference?

Pre-cut sauna kits include all the necessary components to assemble a full size sauna.

Pre-cut kits cost less than modular sauna kits, but you’ll need some handyman skills or you’ll have to hire someone to assemble your sauna.

You’ll have to frame up your own walls and provide your own insulation.

Assembly instructions are included when you purchase, but you’ll still need some moderate carpentry skills or good aptitude for piecing things together.

Pre-built modular sauna kits are much easier to assemble than pre-cut kits, but they do cost more as a result.

In addition to being easy to assemble, an advantage they have over pre-cut kits is they’re easy to relocate. If you want to move your sauna to a different spot, piece of cake…

You’ll simply have to detach the panels and then reattach them at the new location.

Pre-cut kits don’t offer that kind of portability.