Home Inspection Software for the Latest Devices

It is an exciting time in the home inspection industry with technology now playing such an important role. Home inspection software is utilizing the very latest in technology and home inspectors are reaping the benefits. Below is a list of some of the key benefits of using a smartphone or tablet pc in the field for creating home inspection reports.

An Abundance of Choices

Home inspectors are now able to use their home inspection software on the latest smartphones and tablets that run on iOS and Android operating systems. This gives them a huge selection of hardware to choose from for field use. This is important because they can find something that truly works well for them and fits their inspection style. Inspectors that want something small that fits in their hand can use their software on their smartphone, while inspectors who prefer something a little larger can use their software on a tablet.

Ease of Use

These devices are designed to be easy to use and home inspection software can be built to take advantage of their unique features. For example, an inspector is able to fill out information with the tap of a finger. They can also move from screen to screen with a simple swipe of their finger. Filling out information for an inspection and creating a fantastic looking report has never been easier.


A few home inspection software programs that work on new smartphones and tablets use a cloud to transfer files back and forth. This is a really great feature as it eliminates the need for cords and wires when attempting to sync inspection files between your device and a desktop. A cloud is a safe and convenient place where home inspectors can store inspections, libraries, and even backup files. It can be accessed by any computer with an internet connection and that has their software program installed.


Some home inspection software programs even take advantage of the exceptional cameras that now come standard on most smartphones and tablets. Many of the new, higher end smartphones come with an 8 MP camera. Using their home inspection software on a smartphone with a quality camera, inspectors no longer have to bring a separate digital camera with them. The ability to take a picture with their smartphone and then add that picture directly into the report will be a huge timesaver for home inspectors. Using a single device, a home inspector can complete an inspection in the field, with great looking pictures included. Tablets trail smartphones when it comes to cameras and picture quality, but many of the newer ones are being equipped with a 5 MP camera.

Although cameras have improved dramatically with these devices, many still lack when it comes to the flash. Some devices do not have a flash while others contain a weak flash. It will be up to the inspector to decide if the camera on their smartphone or tablet is sufficient enough for them to use for their home inspections.


Another benefit to using a smartphone or tablet is the battery life that comes with many of these devices. Smartphones typically can last at least a whole day with moderate use, while tablets can last days with moderate use and even weeks with light use and Wi-Fi turned off. These are much better than most laptops and netbooks which typically get 4-5 hours out of a single charge. However, the battery life between devices varies greatly, so it is important to check the details of each device before committing to one.


Using a smartphone or tablet in the field is also extremely convenient because of their lightweight and how easy it is to carry them around. These devices are very portable, and are constantly getting smaller and weighing less as time goes on. Inspectors who haul a laptop around the property while doing their inspection will notice a major difference when walking around with a smartphone or tablet.