An Introduction to Self Storage

Self storage, also sometimes referred to as public storage or personal storage, is a very popular service that provides people with the ability to store their belongings without having to keep them in their home. There are countless reasons that someone might want to use public storage, but most often it will be because they are downsizing their property or as a temporary solution while they find new accommodation. When we are left without a home we are often offered to stay with friends and family, but normally this offer does not extend to bringing all of our belongings meaning that we need somewhere else to keep those unless we are happy to part ways with them.

Normally these self storage units will be large containers and usually they will be kept inside a larger warehouse. Walking around the facility you would be able to find various containers in rows and these would have shutters with numbers and/or letters on them. These numbers or letters are of course to differentiate between containers and to allow users to know which one they are renting. Each shutter then provides a certain amount of security and will only be opened by the correct key meaning that you can rest assured that nothing will be stolen. The facility itself also will have a certain amount of security and it will most likely use a digital lock meaning that it requires a pass-code or a swipe card. This then means you will need both your swipe card or code and your key in order to enter and that will keep your items very safe.

Usually the facility will also have a loading bay area and this will be useful for loading your items into your storage units. In some cases however self storage units will be kept outside and will stand separately in which case they will be easier to access though slightly less secure.

When you use self storage you will likely hire your storage by square metre and you can higher multiple containers if necessary or containers of different sizes. It is crucial to ensure that you have adequate space to keep all of your belongings when you initially rent. At the same time it is important also to ensure that you have a facility that is going to provide you with the security and access that you require, and that is a good distance away from your home so that you can easily get there when you need to.

Rent will normally be paid on a monthly basis like any rent and you can use the space to store whatever you might want as long as it is within the container and does not damage it or break the law. Another stipulation though is that you may not sleep in your storage unit or use it as your accommodation which is where it is different from renting a house or a flat. Normally storage will be used alongside a home or a flat where customers don’t have space at home to store all their belongings.