5 Effective Strategies for Mold Removal in Florida Homes: Expert Tips

The cost of a new home doesn’t include hidden charges that must be accounted for. A major chunk of this hidden budget cost is spent on house maintenance. Similarly, in Florida, a reasonable amount of your budget is spent on mold inspection and removal. This blog will guide you about 5 Effective Strategies for Mold Removal in Florida Homes: Expert Tips. 

Why Is Mold Removal Necessary In Florida?

What can indicate the mold presence in your house? It is the dark brown or black spots spread over the hardware structure. Your home might be a living heaven for this fungus. Therefore, residing in an environment infested with mold harms your property and health.

So, whenever you detect mold in your house, immediately call professionals. In Florida, the best service providers for mold removal are FixMold Company. They will visit your place and identify the intensity and type of mold. Then, they will follow the latest techniques to remove the mold. The methods they would use depend on the mold’s strength, roots, and surfaces it has attacked.

5 Effective Strategies for Mold Removal in Florida Homes: Expert Tips

So, these five strategies will help you eliminate mold in your home.

1.     Eliminate Unnecessary Moisture Via HEPA Air Scrubbers

As you know, moisture is energy for mold to survive. It usually intensifies its growth when it finds the perfect surface dampness level. Therefore, you will mostly notice its presence in the areas like under the sink, laundry unit, bathrooms, basement, water pipes, etc.

HEPA air scrubbers are the best solution to eliminate the presence of mold. The scrubbing machine includes high-quality HEPA air filters. Moreover, it captures the mold spores, even the tiniest ones, from the air. Hence, air contains no contamination of mold or its spores.

2.     The Use Of HEPA Sanding

The experts attach a sander to a HEPA filter. The purpose of this technique is to cut down the growth of the mold. The HEPA filter then traps the mold particles and prevents these from spreading around. Eventually, it eliminates the roots of the mold.

3.     Specialized Brushes For Manual Cleaning Of Mold

Unlike ordinary brushes, the professional mold removal team has special wire brushes. With the help of those brushes, they can clear the solid mold stains from the surfaces. They make use of it for the areas under or beneath the cabinet.

4.     Blasting With Dry Ice Without Chemicals

It is an effective strategy to apply where technicians cannot reach easily. This technique removes the mold from furniture deep inside the walls, drain pipes, and water pipes. Similarly, it would extract the mold from the surfaces it is sticking to. Also, it keeps the surface safe after mold gets removed.

5.     Clean The Surfaces With Antimicrobial Cleaners

Apart from other surfaces containing mold, porous surfaces are different. For example, it is best to use antimicrobial cleaner for glass-made or ceramic-made appliances. The cleaner contains chemicals that rapidly erase the mold from the surface. It doesn’t require hard scrubbing. Similarly, it prevents the further growth of fungi in those areas.


Mold removal is necessary after you detect its presence at home. According to the experts, take immediate assistance from a professional mold inspection company. They will further help you to get rid of mold.