Five Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Carpeting for Your Home

Carpeting is viewed by many as an important part of the home. It is used by some over the whole area of the floor from wall to wall

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the best carpet design for your house:

Pay Attention to the Fibers

Not all fibers are created the same. There are various types of fibers for carpeting, some are made of wool and some are synthetic. A rule of thumb: the more tightly twisted it is the more durable it will be. If your fibers are long, then you will have less shedding inside your carpeting. Test it out by running your fingers into the area carpets and if your fingers catch carpeting fibers, then your carpet may lose density.

The Best Carpeting Material is Wool

Many people who are carpet enthusiasts will tell you that wool will stay beautiful for many years. It is highly durable and can spring back into shape even when pressure is applied to it. There will be no matted down areas where traffic is heavy. Wool also has a natural coating that allows it to be stain resistant and very easy to maintain. It is easy to clean using a vacuum or simply blot out stains and liquids spilled on it. Wool is also well partnered with dye so any color is easy to find in wool carpeting.

If on a Budget, Synthetic is a Good Choice

If your budget does not allow wool carpets, then you might be inclined to getting synthetics. With the technology that we have today, synthetics have moved toward better manufacturing processes and higher quality production. They have become stain and crush resistant, similar to that of wool. They also have undergone a de-lustering process to make them look more matte in finish than shiny. They are very affordable and a good cost effective alternative to wool.

If Your Walls are Plain, Choose Brighter Colored Carpeting

Carpeting can add a splash of color to any room. Opt for bright colored carpeting if your walls are plain. Choose patterns and bold designs so that your carpet will become a focal point in your room. If it’s the opposite, go with beige or ivory so things stay neutral. If you are concerned about stains, then dark colored carpeting may be the best choice.

For a More Elegant Look, Choose Cut Pile Carpets

If you like elegant looking carpets, then you may want to consider cut pile carpets such as velvet or plush. However, they easily show footprints and any other signs of pressure. If you are concerned about this, you can opt for patterned or textured carpets to hide the pressure laden areas, stains and other nuisances that tend to show the wear of your carpet. For higher traffic areas of the home, choose a combination of loops and cut pile so these areas will be well camouflaged.