Heating Your Home Cheaply and Efficiently

We are seeing the effect of global warming by all the freak weather around the world. In the UK the winters are getting colder but warming our homes is getting more expensive. If recent weather is a sign of things to come many people may be looking at replacing boilers or completely changing the way they heat their home.

So how do you go about choosing the best system for your needs that will be energy efficient and be the cheapest to run? First you need to think about what fuel is available in your area. Gas is probably the most popular fuel to use but it is getting more and more expensive. If Gas still works out the cheapest option you should get an energy efficient condensing boiler. This will save you a lot on your gas bills and also help lowing your carbon footprint.

Other fuels include oil, electricity, and propane which can run on normal boilers but what is becoming increasing popular is renewable energy. One type of renewable energy is by using ‘earth heat’. This is called geothermal heat and it is THE most efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. A geothermal system uses the constant stable temperature of the earth as a base to heat your home. In the summer these systems work in reverse and will cool home all at the fraction of the price of normal air-conditioning systems.

Air source heat pumps are another option which more and more people are using these days. They work by extracting heat from the outside air even if the temperature outside is below 15° C and turning it into heat. The same technology is used to make fridges keep cool. The only difference is that they create warm heat. They do need electricity to run but the heat they extract from the ground, water or air is constantly being renewed naturally. There are two types of systems one is called an ‘air to water system’ which distributes heat via your wet central heating system, the other system is an ‘air to air system which uses fans to heat your home.

Heating technology is evolving fast and more and more renewable energy and heating systems are becoming popular. It’s worth looking around and finding what is best for your needs.