The Most Effective Roach Killer Products

The best approach to ridding your property of a burgeoning roach infestation is to keep your house clean. Start by washing all the dishes prior going to bed at night, clean your electrical appliances with soap detergent and make sure to wipe all water spills on the tables and surfaces. Cockroaches can live without food for a full month, but can only live without water for only a week, so water spills are their favorite “meal”.

If an infestation has already begun to develop and spread indoors, then the use of potent gels and McKesson boric acid powder (which is purported to frustrate the insects’ metabolism and weaken their exoskeletons) can be particularly effective. When a roach comes to contact with it, the death may be delayed but eventually, the boric powder will disrupt the affected cockroaches’ digestive system and kill them. The successful application of the substance is always a result of proper preparation and distribution of the powder in places such as underneath sinks, behind showers and washing machines, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets, which tend to be among cockroaches’ favorite places to hide. Placing cockroach bait alongside treated areas will prove to be the most effective method for curtailing any sort of infestation, no matter how large or menacing it may seem.

There are other well-known commercial cockroach killer substances such as Raid, which has been touted as an effective and potent insecticide solution for consumers since its launch in the early 1960s. Its current ingredients consist of various neurotoxins and chemicals designed for various functions designed to ultimately neutralize the presence of any problematic insect infestation by causing paralysis in insects (by breaking down their central nervous systems), poisoning their digestive tracts and systems, and repelling them with a staunchly powerful odor that lasts for weeks on end!

Borax, a popular cleaning product also known as sodium borate, has also been touted as a practical ingredient for exterminating cockroach hordes, and can be put to good use by lacing it along your baseboards and inner edges of electrical outlets where cockroaches generally tend to congregate. It also happens to be an active ingredient in Boric Acid, which, when applied properly in very small, gingerly amounts, will become ingested by cockroaches (after being walked on and clinging to their legs, antennae, and torso) as they attempt to preen their antennae and legs with the intent of removing the powdery substance.

For other businesses that deal largely in agricultural or food-based products and can’t afford to deal with potential contamination thereof, the most applicable and effective solution may lie in an electronic cockroach killer, which is also known as an electric cockroach killer. Such devices can be classed into one of three categories: Ultrasonic, electromagnetic and RF (radio frequency) pest control devices. Once activated, ultrasonic devices will emit frequencies that lie outside of humans’ normal hearing range that are designed to disrupt and thwart the mating cycle and day-to-day routines of various insect species, but it may not be sufficient enough for reducing aggressive cockroach infestations unless used in conjunction with other traditional treatment tactics. On the other hand, electromagnetic devices are designed to repel cockroaches and other pests by creating irregularities in the electromagnetic field of the infested property’s electrical wiring.

I know it can seem like a daunting process to use a natural roach repellent; hence I have listed effective roach killer products that can do the job for you without having to rely on the expertise of an exterminator at great (and probably unnecessary) expense.