Using A Fence As Security Around A Playground

A playground is designed to attract children. There are toys for the children to become excited by, and friends for them to run with, but there are also dangers that occur when children become excited. When the kids are at the playground and they get excited they forget to look out for traffic, they forget stranger danger, and they forget all of the warnings they have heard. They are simply playing, so as responsible adults we have to do things like use a fence as security around a playground.

When you use a fence as security around a playground you reduce the chances that a child will be playing ball and run out into the street in front of an oncoming car. The fence will stop the ball from ever reaching the street, and that will stop the child from ever reaching the street. This is one safety feature that using a fence as security around a playground enables.

Using a fence as security around a playground will reduce the number of abductions that occur from the area. Most of the time, when someone wishes to abduct a child, they want to be able to get to the child, and away from the area, as quickly as possible. If a fence is installed around the perimeter of a playground then the person who wishes to kidnap a child will be slowed down by this barrier. The barrier could be just enough of a deterrent to stop the kidnapping from taking place.

Wild animals can sometimes pose hazards to children. Children will go up to the animal out of curiosity, and they often get bitten because of their approach. A barrier around the play area will stop a lot of wild creatures from coming onto the playground. Wild animals do not like to feel trapped and the barrier would make some of them leery of coming onto the playground, and that would reduce the number of accidental encounters they might have with children.

The existence of a fence will stop children from wandering away from the play area and being lost. A lot of children get to playing and they simply wander away from the play area. Many times they become lost when they leave the area. In order to keep children from being lost in this way establish a fenced barrier. When they are playing and they reach the fence they will know to turn around. Children are not dumb, they simply get so wrapped up in what they are doing that they forget about anything else.

As protectors of the children in our community it is our job to build safe places for them to play. They need places where they can run, jump, and forget themselves in their fantasies. By establishing good fences around the play areas we build for children we will increase their safety, and reduce the risks to their lives. The building of the fence may make the play area slightly more expensive, but it will be money that has been well spent.